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Shopping guide
Welcome to Nature Hub. Please read the following items carefully before purchasing the products for a pleasant shopping experience:

Goods can only be delivered to the Hong Kong area temporarily.

Shop goods
There are many ways to search for the goods on the webpage, such as sorting by food type and country. You can click on the inner page of the goods if you want to learn more about the product information.

When you want to make a purchase, please select the quantity and other shopping information, and then click [Add to Cart] to place an order. You can go back to the product information page at any time to continue shopping, modify/cancel the purchased items. The price of the goods may be updated, please confirm the price before placing an order again.

Submit orders
When you have finished purchasing the goods, you can directly click [Submit Order], and the webpage will enter the delivery address page.

SF Express (including SF Station/SF Smart Cabinet/Business Address/Residential Address) (2-4 working days). Please type your name and delivery address yourself, and your Hong Kong phone number will be used for delivery follow-up.

Delivery cost
Nature Hub will set the delivery fee based on the delivery address and the total purchase amount. If the total amount of each order before the discount is equal to HK$350 or more (except for pre-orders), there will be no delivery fee (not applicable to remote areas such as Islands District). If the order is less than HK$350, the delivery fee will be subjected to SF Express’s collection fee.

Confirm Order
When the delivery information is filled in, please press the confirm order button, and then enter the payment page. At this time, you need to choose the method of payment. We accept payment methods such as VISA/MASTER/PAYME/FPS for checkout. Please click the payment method you need, enter the payment information, and press confirms payment.

When you pay for a purchase, it means that you confirm you are the holder of the credit card account, or the holder is authorized to use it. If your credit card issuer refuses to authorize payment to Nature Hub, we are not responsible for any delays or suspension of delivery caused by this.

If you are using a credit card outside Hong Kong, such as an RMB credit card, the payment currency will be RMB, and so on. The exchange rate of all transactions is generally calculated based on the bank’s exchange rate on the day. Please confirm the final payment amount before making the payment before proceeding with the order transaction.

If you do not have a credit card, you can contact us via email, phone or WhatsApp, and make payment by bank transfer (including FPS) or PayMe.

Hang Seng Bank Account Number:
Fast FPS (FPS):

Complete order
When the order is successfully traded, the page will show the transaction time, order number, consignee’s name, address, shopping content, amount and other information. You can press Save to transfer the information to the computer or press Print to print out the order information and save it.

About the return policy
In principle, we do not have a return or exchange mechanism. If the quality of the goods is in doubt, please keep the goods and complete packaging, and E-MAIL within 3 working days from the date of receipt (except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) follow up with [email protected] further.

If the product you want to replace is out of stock or stop selling, etc., when the replacement cannot be performed, we will replace it with the same value of the goods.

General mail reply time: every Monday to Friday, reply within 24 hours after sending the mail (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays do not count).

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